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when you don't have the time to prepare food yourself, ask me to do it for you. I will spend half or full day prepping and cooking bespoke dishes of your choosing so that your fridge and freezer need never be bare of wholesome, delicious food.

Private cooking classes

learn how to become more confident in the kitchen. I can teach you how to create delicious plant based dishes in the privacy of your own home so you can eat nutritious and freshly prepared meals for a healthier and happier lifestyle.


I offer my chef services for small private events such yoga brunches/retreats, and private functions. Please get in touch for menu suggestions and prices.


I offer a selection of both healthy savoury and sweet snacks for you and your family to enjoy on a weekly basis. These are offered on rotation and will vary from week to week and need to be ordered in advance. For a bespoke selection, please refer to Fridge Fill.


in collaboration with another natural chef we offer group demo and tasting workshops around a variety of themes aimed at teaching you simple, nutrient dense dishes that can help you incorporate more plants into your diet. We will also run private bespoke group workshops on request.


a well organised kitchen is behind every successful cook. Let me help you in setting up your kitchen to optimise work flow, stack your larder with healthy essentials and streamline equipment for best possible results.