I am a qualified plant-based chef looking to inspire you through delicious and nutritious plant-based food.

Kelly Dawson

The day a persistent health condition forced me to change the way I fed my family was the day my passion for food as medicine began to bloom.

My life as a working mother of three was just like everyone else’s; rushed and chaotic, often times turning to pre-packaged convenience foods to help cut down on mealtime fuss. Though I loved fresh foods and flavours, the idea of cooking fresh and from scratch took a back seat to getting food on the table fast. It wasn’t until one of my children’s recurring health conditions had us all held hostage, constantly turning to antibiotics and creams to give him relief, that I made the choice to slow down and reevaluate what we were putting into our bodies on a daily basis. This was my turning point, both personally and in my career.

I retrained as a natural chef, taking courses at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, The College of Naturopathic Medicine, and the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. It was here I learned all about the basics of nutrition, cooking for health and making vegetables the stars of the plate; my jumping off point for any recipe I write or dish I cook.

Since changing the way my family eats, I can see and feel and the benefits of eliminating processed foods, cutting down on gluten and refined sugars and building flavours and health-boosting benefits from herbs and spices. The impact of this new way of life has been significant. Through diet we’ve helped boost our energy and our body’s resilience to life’s ups and downs. These tangible results are why I’m dedicated to helping others live healthier, happier, more energetic lives by filling their fridges with the good stuff, compliments of Mother Nature and a bit of extra love from me in the kitchen.

I love teaching clients this seasonal, natural way of eating, with an added focus on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. I’ll show you how to use food as medicine by tuning into your body’s intuitive wisdom and help make eating your veggies exciting and enticing. Choose from a variety of workshops, private cooking classes and demonstrations, or let me pop a few of my favourite dishes into your fridge, for you to enjoy later.

My family calls me ‘The Mighty Beetroot’ because I’m convinced that what grows from the ground has villain-fighting super powers that can help save the world from the forces of evil, one delicious bite at a time. I can’t wait to help you eat your way to a healthier, happier life.


This past year, I’ve ordered Kelly’s fabulous Fridge Fills on several occasions, and what a difference it has made! My entire family loved all her dishes which were made with love and care. Not only was her food tasty, and healthy, but she offered a wide variety so that my family never got bored.

I found Kelly to have lots of creative energy, and willingness to try new things, – open to new ideas. She is very passionate, her positive attitude to her work is truly infectious, and is wholeheartedly committed to helping you reach your goal in the most delicious way. She’s well versed in her ‘food trade’ and clearly expressed her ideas and suggestions which I found most useful. Also, I found her to be very flexible – she willingly made any amendments or dietary changes to suit my family’s tastes . She delivered the order in a timely fashion, and didn’t let anything slip through the net- the ultimate professional.

Kelly is straight forward and very professional to deal with at all times. I honestly believe that Kelly’s food is the best way forward for anyone looking for delicious and healthy food options, my family loved it and I’m sure your will too!

Natalie Mully – A very happy customer