Mighty Snacks

A busy life requires snacking; something delicious to keep us going in between meals. Mighty Snacks are here to boost your energy and satisfy your taste buds, without the added junk.

How it works

ENERGY BALLS…always available


FRESH SNACKS…now available


Sarah McKenna

The Mighty Beetroot’s fridge fill and snack service works a dream. I know that I have healthy, nutritious and balanced meals and snacks to hand for those days where time is not on my side! The benefit is that they taste delicious so I feel I have treated myself and the kids too!

Liz Gosper

I have ordered meals and snacks (which come beautifully packaged) from The Mighty Beetroot on numerous occasions. The food is fresh, nutritious and most delicious. The whole family are delighted when I order food from Kelly! My daughter and I have also attended Kelly’s cooking classes which are really fun and inspiring. Kelly is a very talented and knowledgable chef - I would highly recommended her services.